Luxury Places: 10 Best Hotels In Atlantic City, United States

If you're hunting for the best hotels in Atlantic City to upgrade your stay, look no further. The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa nails it with its world-class casino and heavenly spa. Just a hop away, the Ocean Casino Resort dazzles with panoramic ocean views and an epic pool area. Both these hotels make for an unmatched stay in Atlantic City. Near the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk, Bally's Atlantic City shines with its range of dining options and is a stone's throw away from the beach. Over at Caesars Atlantic City, expect a Roman-inspired paradise complete with a colossal casino, while the Resorts Casino Hotel offers free breakfast and adds a touch of classic elegance, being the first casino hotel in Atlantic City. The Showboat Hotel Atlantic City brings the spirit of Mardi Gras to the beach block, and if you're flying in, it's also conveniently near Atlantic City airport. In the suite category, don’t overlook the MGM Tower at Borgata, which offers a more secluded, boutique experience. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City rocks the scene with live gigs and room service that caters to the stars. Golden Nugget stands out with its marina setting and is also near the Atlantic City Convention Center. Speaking of convention center hotels, the Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel offers easy access to events and a decent fitness center. Whether it's the beach and boardwalk that draw you or the pull of the casinos, these options are near the best that Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore have to offer, ensuring your time in the city is as luxe as it gets.

The 10 Best Hotels In Atlantic City 2023

Top 1o Luxury Hotels In Atlantic City 2023

In 2023, Atlantic City's hotel scene is more vibrant than ever, offering a blend of luxury and entertainment that's hard to resist. Among the top-tier accommodations, Harrah's Resort Atlantic City stands out with its upscale suites and close proximity to the Atlantic City Aquarium and Atlantic City Historical Museum. Bally's Atlantic City Hotel remains a popular choice, located in the heart of Atlantic City and a block from the world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. Speaking of the boardwalk, if you're looking to stay near Atlantic City's iconic wooden pathway, Tropicana Atlantic City is a good choice. For travelers wanting to explore downtown Atlantic City without breaking the bank, affordable options like the Days Inn by Wyndham Atlantic and Howard Johnson by Wyndham Atlantic City offer decent amenities. Atlantic Palace Suites cater to those wanting ocean and city views, while also offering the comforts of home. If your trip to Atlantic City involves a flight, you'll find convenience in places like West Atlantic City, located just 2.3 km from Atlantic City International Airport. Whether you book a 5-star hotel in Atlantic City or opt for something more budget-friendly, you'll discover that many Atlantic City hotels offer a blend of luxury and convenience that'll make your visit memorable. From enjoying the views of the Atlantic and the Atlantic City skyline to experiencing the multitude of attractions outside Atlantic City, your options are plentiful.

  • Borgata Hotel Casino And Spa
  • Ocean Casino Resort 
  • Bally’s Atlantic City
  • Caesars Atlantic City
  • Resorts Casino Hotel
  • Showboat Hotel
  • The Claridge Hotel
  • MGM Tower At Borgata
  • Hard Rock Hotel And Casino
  • Golden Nugget Atlantic City

Borgata Hotel Casino And Spa

Looking for a place to stay that's both comfy and close to all the action? The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa is your go-to in Atlantic City. Not only is it among the popular hotels in Atlantic City, but it also boasts a variety of room types fit for any traveler. From plush suites Atlantic City visitors rave about to budget-friendly rooms that don’t skimp on comfort, they've got it all. Located just a short stroll from the excitement of the Atlantic City Boardwalk, you’re never too far from the fun. Whether you’re here to visit Atlantic City for its casinos, beaches, or boardwalk treats, the Borgata sits at the heart of it all, promising an unforgettable stay.

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Ocean Casino Resort 

Ocean Casino Resort is an oasis of entertainment in NJ, offering visitors an escape that combines the thrill of gaming with the relaxed vibes of a city beach retreat. For those searching for hotels near Atlantic City Beach, Ocean Casino Resort is a prime choice, balancing affordability with the luxury you'd expect from a top-notch Atlantic City casino. Nestled right on the Atlantic City beach block, it stands tall, giving guests easy beach access and stunning ocean views. Not as cheap as a Best Western Atlantic City Hotel or an Inn Atlantic City, but it offers a level of indulgence those places can't match. Plus, you’re just a stone’s throw away from the glitzy Tropicana Casino, making it simple to hop from one exciting atmosphere to another. Indoor fun is also plentiful with the resort's amenities ensuring that whether you're here to play or relax, you're in for a treat at one of the best spots on the strip.

Bally’s Atlantic City

Bally’s Atlantic City stands out as a beacon of fun and relaxation on the hotel strip. Offering a range of room types to suit every guest, from the classic comfort of standard rooms to the refined luxury of their garden tower suites, Bally’s ensures every stay is special. Each space is outfitted with top-notch amenities designed to make your visit as comfortable and convenient as possible. Just steps away, you’ll find yourself immersed in the vibrant scene of Atlantic City’s famed boardwalk, with endless entertainment options. Nearby, indulge in the thrills of high-stakes games at neighboring casinos or soak up the sun on the Atlantic City beach. Whether you're here for a laid-back retreat or a lively getaway, Bally’s Atlantic City places you right in the heart of the excitement, with all the essentials and more for a memorable stay.

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Caesars Atlantic City

Step into the opulent world of Caesars Atlantic City, where luxury meets the laid-back beach vibe. This iconic resort offers a diverse selection of room types, each with sumptuous amenities that promise comfort and elegance. From deluxe rooms with breathtaking ocean views to lavish suites that are the last word in sophistication, there's a space to fit every taste and budget. Situated at the center of the action, Caesars is just moments away from the sandy shores of Atlantic City beach, inviting you to unwind or plunge into seaside activities. Beyond the sun and surf, you're in prime territory to explore the Boardwalk's array of shops, dining, and entertainment options. Experience the essence of Atlantic City's rich casino culture right here. Whether you're up for a gamble, a show, or simply a stroll along the Boardwalk to absorb the Atlantic ambiance, Caesars Atlantic City encapsulates the very best of what this vibrant city has to offer.

Resorts Casino Hotel

Nestled on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, the Resorts Casino Hotel is a treasure for those looking to experience the classic AC charm. From the outside, its façade is as grand as the service and warmth you'll find inside. With room choices ranging from standard accommodations with cozy comforts to luxurious suites boasting panoramic ocean views, there’s a perfect fit for every guest. Step into a space where the amenities cater to both your rest and play—think plush bedding, modern tech, and inviting décor. Right outside your door, you’re mere steps away from Atlantic City's sandy beaches, perfect for those sunny days spent by the sea. Resorts Casino Hotel is not only a stone's throw away from the vibrant casino scene but also surrounded by a myriad of dining and entertainment venues. It’s a place where you can spin the slots, savor gourmet meals, or simply stroll down the Boardwalk and soak up the coastal vibe. For a stay that's both thrilling and comfortable, Resorts Casino Hotel is your Atlantic City sweet spot.

Showboat Hotel

If you're hitting up Atlantic City and looking for a spot that's a mix of fun and comfort, the Showboat Hotel is the ticket. This place isn't about casino glitz; it's about kicking back and enjoying the beach life. Room types here run the gamut from cozy and basic to spacious suites that give you a view of the ocean that'll have you snapping pics for days. The amenities? They've got you covered with all the essentials plus a little extra, making sure your stay is as chill as the vibe of the hotel. The Showboat is just steps away from the sandy stretches of the Atlantic City beach, so you can go from bed to beach in no time. And while it’s a bit quieter than your typical Atlantic City resort, you're still super close to all the Boardwalk action, with top-notch entertainment, eats, and shopping. At Showboat Hotel, you're in for a relaxed, good time, with the bright lights of the casinos just a jaunt away if you want to up the ante.

The Claridge Hotel

Take a step back into the roaring twenties with a stay at The Claridge Hotel, a historic jewel right in the heart of Atlantic City. Known as the “Skyscraper by the Sea” during its glamorous heyday, The Claridge offers a variety of room types, each blending vintage charm with modern amenities for a comfortable stay. Whether you're in a classic room or a suite with stunning ocean views, you'll feel the elegance of yesteryear with all of today's conveniences. Just off the Boardwalk, you're perfectly placed to explore the sandy Atlantic City beaches, hit the nearby casinos, or wander the iconic Boardwalk itself. The hotel strikes a beautiful balance, offering a peaceful, upscale atmosphere that's still close to the pulse of Atlantic City's vibrant scene. At The Claridge, you get more than just a room—you get a piece of history and an all-access pass to the best Atlantic City has to offer.

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MGM Tower At Borgata

The MGM Tower at Borgata redefines luxury with its premium accommodations and stands tall as one of the best Atlantic City hotels. With its prime location in Atlantic City, it's a stone's throw away from the electrifying Atlantic City Boardwalk, inviting you to indulge in seaside pleasures and Boardwalk delights. Unlike the cheap hotels in Atlantic City, the MGM Tower offers a slice of opulence with sophisticated rooms and unparalleled service, all while being close to Atlantic City’s top attractions. It's not your typical inn by Wyndham Atlantic City; it’s a cut above, offering plush comforts a mere block from the Atlantic City buzz. Guests can revel in the resort Atlantic City offers, with MGM Tower's posh amenities and refined atmosphere. Book a hotel in Atlantic that stands out from the rest, where you can bask in luxury within reach of the beach block charm that Wyndham Atlantic City and other Boardwalk resorts like Atlantic Palace are known for. Here, you’re not just booking a room; you're securing a spot in the heart of the action, with a tranquil retreat to return to—because Atlantic City is also about finding that perfect balance.

Hard Rock Hotel And Casino

Rock your way to Atlantic City and dive into the vibrant scene at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. This place is an electrifying blend of excitement and luxury, offering guests not just a stay, but an experience. With rooms and suites decked out with sleek, music-inspired décor, the accommodations here are tuned to perfection, promising both comfort and style. But the Hard Rock is more than just a place to lay your head—it’s an entertainment hub, located smack-dab on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. You're in the perfect spot to explore the sandy beaches, hit the slots, or catch a live show, all within steps of your room. Dining options are as diverse as a festival lineup, catering to every craving. And when it comes to amenities, they're as high-quality as the sound systems you'll find throughout this rock-and-roll resort. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino isn’t just in Atlantic City; it’s a cornerstone of the city’s heart and soul, where every stay hits the right note.

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Golden Nugget Atlantic City

While not directly along the Atlantic City Boardwalk, the Golden Nugget Atlantic City offers a slice of tranquility just a short distance from the heart of the city. Nestled in a prime spot, it’s close to Atlantic City’s top attractions, yet it provides a peaceful waterfront retreat away from the Boardwalk bustle. Unlike the Wyndham Atlantic City Beachblock, the Golden Nugget is located in Atlantic City’s marina district, giving guests sweeping views and a different take on the AC experience. Guests can enjoy the proximity to the area’s landmarks, with easy access to the famous Boardwalk, ensuring they are near Atlantic City Boardwalk whenever the mood strikes. This hotel exemplifies what hotels in Atlantic City offer: an escape within an escape, where the vibrancy of a Boardwalk resort like the Atlantic Palace is just moments away, yet far enough to savor the serenity of the shore.


The Golden Nugget Atlantic City stands out as a unique gem among the array of hotels in the city. While it doesn't sit directly on the beach block like the Wyndham or the Atlantic Palace, its location in Atlantic City's marina district provides a tranquil haven, offering both the excitement of the city and a peaceful waterfront respite. Guests can enjoy luxury accommodations and casino fun with the added bonus of being just a short distance from the lively Atlantic City Boardwalk. The Golden Nugget captures the essence of what it means to stay in Atlantic City — where every visitor can find their perfect balance between relaxation and the electric pulse of the city's famous attractions.


What is the best area in Atlantic City?

The best area in Atlantic City is typically considered to be along the Boardwalk, for its easy access to beaches, casinos, shops, and entertainment.

Why is Atlantic City so cheap?

Atlantic City can be quite affordable due to a few factors:

  1. Competition: There's a high density of hotels and casinos, which drives prices down as they compete for guests.
  2. Economic Challenges: The city has faced economic struggles, leading to lower prices to attract tourists.
  3. Seasonality: During off-peak seasons, prices drop to encourage off-season travel.

These factors contribute to making Atlantic City an attractive destination for those seeking budget-friendly entertainment and lodging.

Where is the best place to live in Atlantic City?

The best place to live in Atlantic City often depends on what you're looking for in terms of lifestyle and convenience. The Chelsea area has been noted for its residential atmosphere and proximity to both the beach and Boardwalk, providing a balance of quiet living and access to entertainment. For those seeking a more upscale and quieter environment, the Marina District is considered a desirable location with its waterfront properties and higher-end living spaces. Always remember to consider factors like safety, amenities, and community when choosing the best place for you to live.

Is Atlantic City better than Las Vegas?

Whether Atlantic City is better than Las Vegas depends on personal preference:

  • Atlantic City offers a beachfront experience with the famous Boardwalk and is a bit more laid-back. It has a historic charm and is closer to those living on the East Coast.

  • Las Vegas is larger, with more extravagant hotels, and a wider variety of entertainment options, and is considered the premier destination for big shows and events.

Each city has its unique attractions and vibe, so the better destination is the one that aligns with your interests and what you're looking for in a getaway.

What is the safest part of Atlantic City?

The safest parts of Atlantic City tend to be areas with higher tourist activity and better economic development. The Marina District is often mentioned as one of the safer areas, thanks to its upscale casinos and hotels which maintain a robust security presence. The Boardwalk can also be safe, especially during daytime and when it’s bustling with tourists. Always check the latest local advisories and reviews for the most up-to-date information on safety.