Luxury Places To Stay: 10 Best Hotels In New York City, United States

In the heart of New York City, The Langham on Fifth Avenue redefines luxury, offering a serene boutique hotel experience steps away from the Empire State Building. Nearby, the twin Ritz-Carlton locations at Central Park and Midtown stand as beacons of opulence, where guests can gaze upon Central Park's verdant expanse or find themselves moments from the grandeur of Times Square and Broadway's ceaseless energy. The Four Seasons Hotel New York embodies the pinnacle of Midtown luxury, its towering elegance a tribute to the city's skyline, while the Hyatt Grand Central New York offers convenient access to both Grand Central Terminal and the airport, ensuring a seamless transition from travel to the tranquility of a top-tier New York hotel. The Plaza remains an enduring emblem of New York's luxurious heritage, inviting both old and new New Yorkers to partake in its historic charm, a mere stroll from Central Park and the glittering shops of Fifth Avenue.

10 Best Popular Hotels In New York City

New York City hosts an array of luxury hotels, each with its distinct flair. The Plaza reigns with timeless grandeur near Central Park, while both Ritz-Carlton locations lavish guests with views of the park and proximity to the Midtown buzz. The Four Seasons offers modern elegance with sweeping city vistas, and the Hyatt Grand Central promises convenience and luxury beside the iconic terminal. The Langham adds boutique sophistication to Fifth Avenue, and the Mandarin Oriental delivers Eastern-inspired luxury with stunning skyline views. For Gallic glamour, The Baccarat Hotel sparkles near Broadway, and The Ludlow Hotel presents eclectic luxury on the Lower East Side. Lastly, the Hilton New York Times Square places visitors in the pulsating heart of the city, making these hotels emblematic of the quintessential New York City experience.

12 Romantic Hotels in NYC to Book in 2023 - Swoon-Worthy Hotels to Stay at  in NYC

  1. The Plaza
  2. Four Seasons Hotel New York
  3. Hyatt Grand Central New York
  4. The Langham, New York, Fifth Avenue
  5. The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park
  6. The Peninsula New York
  7. Mandarin Oriental, New York 
  8. Hilton New York Times Square
  9. The Baccarat Hotel 
  10. The Ludlow Hotel

The Plaza: Best New York City Hotel

The Plaza, an iconic 5-star hotel nestled in the heart of Manhattan, is just steps from Central Park and a short stroll to the vibrant energy of Times Square, ranking it among the 10 best hotels in New York. Renowned for its world-class service and central location near top attractions like the New York Public Library and Radio City, The Plaza is the perfect choice for both first-time visitors and returning New Yorkers. Guests are treated to luxurious rooms with stunning city views, top-notch dining at Fouquet's New York, and easy access to the rest of the city via nearby subway stations. Whether in town for business or pleasure, The Plaza is a favorite for those seeking the quintessential New York experience.

The Plaza Hotel Wedding Venue

Four Seasons Hotel New York

Rising majestically in the heart of Manhattan, the Four Seasons Hotel New York offers a sanctuary of 5-star luxury, towering above the city’s hustle and bustle. A stone's throw from Central Park, it stands as one of the best hotels in New York, with an acclaimed Midtown location near iconic landmarks like Radio City and the Empire State Building. Guests enjoy stunning city views, a renowned 24-hour fitness center, and close proximity to the grandeur of Times Square and the sophisticated streets of the financial district. With its hallmark Four Seasons service, the hotel caters to discerning travelers seeking the best New York hotel deals, whether for a crucial business trip or a lavish city escape. Renowned for its elegant accommodations and breathtaking city skyline views, the Four Seasons Hotel New York embodies the luxury and dynamism of New York, making it an unparalleled choice for visitors to the heart of the Big Apple.

Hyatt Grand Central New York Hotel

Positioned in the bustling heart of Midtown Manhattan, the Hyatt Grand Central New York Hotel stands as a beacon of convenience and comfort for travelers. Directly adjacent to the historic Grand Central Terminal, it's not only a prime choice for those wanting to explore the city via subway but also for visitors seeking a touchstone to New York’s iconic attractions, like Times Square and the Empire State Building. This esteemed hotel is a short walk from the New York Public Library and the green expanse of Bryant Park, blending access with luxury. With a variety of well-appointed rooms offering views of the city skyline, the Hyatt Grand Central caters to both business and leisure travelers. Its proximity to the heart of New York's shopping districts and cultural sites makes it a highly recommended hotel for those wanting to experience the pulse of the city from a comfortable, central base. Whether it's for a short stay or a longer New York sojourn, the Hyatt Grand Central New York Hotel promises a memorable and convenient visit to this ever-vibrant metropolis.

New Grand Hyatt Hotel to Transform Grand Central Terminal, Renderings Show  – NBC New YorkThe Langham, New York, Fifth Avenue

The Langham, New York, Fifth Avenue stands out as a luxurious sanctuary in Midtown Manhattan, blending 5-star accommodations with approachable elegance. Ideally situated near iconic attractions like Times Square and Wall Street, it's a favorite for those seeking the quintessential New York experience, be it for the first visit or as a seasoned guest. Offering excellent deals without sacrificing quality, The Langham provides an unmatched level of service, with a staff committed to personalizing each stay. Whether it's the proximity to New York University for academic visitors, the short walk to the grandeur of the Conrad New York Downtown for leisure travelers, or the hustle of the financial district for business professionals, this hotel embodies the essence of New York hospitality and comes highly recommended for anyone seeking the perfect blend of location, luxury, and value in the heart of the city.

The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park 

Nestled in the heart of New York, The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park is a sanctuary of elegance, offering the best in luxury accommodations just a stone's throw away from the vibrant life of Times Square. Revered as one of the finest hotels in Manhattan, it presents an ideal stay for those visiting New York, whether it's their first time or they're familiar with the allure of the city. Standing out among the myriad of hotels, from the 3-star inns to the 4-star boutique hotels, The Ritz-Carlton offers exquisite rooms with views that capture the essence of New York, making it a highly recommended location for anyone looking for the best deals in a 5-star setting. With the city's best attractions, like Wall Street and the iconic Times Square, within easy reach, guests are positioned to enjoy the best of the city. Known for its superior service, the hotel staff ensures every aspect of a guest's stay is flawless, cementing its reputation as a New York institution and a favorite among discerning travelers seeking the pinnacle of luxury in the city center.

The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park, New York City, New York

Nearby Areas

Surrounding The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park, the area boasts a diverse range of hotels from the economical 3-star inns of New York to the sumptuous 4-star experiences, all conveniently located in the pulsating heart of Midtown. Notable mentions like the Pod Times Square and the Ace Hotel offer compelling New York hotel deals, perfect for those exploring the city for the first time or seeking a budget-friendly stay near the city’s best attractions. Just a stone's throw from Times Square, these hotels serve as gateways to the city’s iconic landmarks, from Wall Street to Broadway. Guests looking to indulge in the city’s vibe can choose from an array of accommodations, each promising a quintessential NYC hotel experience that is recommended by many as the best in the world, whether they desire the bustling streets of Times Square or the quiet luxury found in the heart of this iconic New York district.

Mandarin Oriental, New York City Hotel

Perched high above the cityscape, the Mandarin Oriental, New York offers a breathtaking retreat in the sky with panoramic views of Manhattan’s glittering skyline and the serene Hudson River. Located at the northwest arc of Columbus Circle, it merges the bustling energy of urban life with the serenity and luxury one expects from world-class accommodation. Guests are treated to a fusion of opulent Eastern design with the sophistication of New York styling, encapsulated within spacious rooms and suites that provide an unrivaled sense of elevation in the city. The hotel’s prime location means you’re moments away from the cultural heartbeat of Lincoln Center, the sprawling greenery of Central Park, and the endless shopping at Fifth Avenue. Renowned for its exquisite dining, including the contemporary Asiate restaurant, and an award-winning spa, the Mandarin Oriental stands as a pillar of elegance and comfort in one of New York’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Mandarin Oriental New York, New York – Updated 2023 Prices

The Peninsula New York

Located in the heart of Manhattan, The Peninsula New York offers 5-star luxury near the city's prime attractions like Times Square and Fifth Avenue. Perfect for both the first-time visitor and the seasoned traveler, this iconic New York institution provides an oasis of calm amidst the city's energy. Renowned for exceptional service and upscale amenities, it's a favored choice for those seeking the quintessential New York experience and one of the best deals in the heart of Times Square. From its central Midtown location, The Peninsula is an emblem of New York luxury, recommended for anyone looking to indulge in the pulse of the city.

Hilton New York Times Square

Nestled in the heart of Midtown, the Hilton New York Times Square stands as a favorite for both first-time visitors and seasoned travelers, offering an exceptional 4-star stay in New York. Its prime location near Times Square places guests right in the pulsating part of the city, with Broadway shows, vibrant dining, and iconic city sights just steps away. Despite its proximity to the buzz, the hotel provides a tranquil retreat from the city's frenetic pace. Accommodations range from the affordable comfort of a 3-star hotel in New York to the luxury of the neighboring Regis New York. For those on a budget, the area abounds with cheap hotel deals, ensuring you can choose the best stay without compromising on experience. Whether it's the Wall Street hustle you're after or the retail therapy of Fifth Avenue, this district of New York is accessible from the Hilton, making it a highly recommended hotel. It's more than just a Times Square hotel; it's a gateway to the very essence of New York, with the New York Edition and the opulent Aman New York within reach, offering a taste of the city's diverse hotel landscape.

HILTON GARDEN INN NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE SOUTH $149 ($̶1̶7̶9̶) - Updated  2023 Prices & Hotel Reviews - New York City

Hotels Near Hilton To Stay In New York

In the vicinity of the Hilton New York Times Square, the hotel landscape is diverse, offering everything from the cozy Inn New York to the prestigious Aman New York. For those seeking the pulsating heartbeat of the city coupled with affordability, the nearby 3-star hotels present a plethora of options, each offering a unique vantage point on this vibrant part of the city. The Wall Street Hotel and the Regis New York cater to guests desiring proximity to New York’s financial and cultural districts. Budget-conscious travelers can find solace in cheaper hotel deals that don't skimp on the New York experience, particularly around the dynamic Midtown district. First-time visitors keen on immersing themselves in the city's fervor might opt for a stay near Times Square, where hotels like the Pod Times Square provide a quintessential NYC stay. These neighboring accommodations are not just places to sleep; they are part of what makes a visit to New York unforgettable. Each hotel, from the New York Edition's boutique charm to the Midtown luxury of the 4-star hotels, is located in New York’s core, offering a stay that's as varied and exciting as the city itself. Whether you're here to explore the renowned city skyline or attend a Broadway show, these nearby hotels ensure you're at the heart of it all.

The Baccarat Hotel 

The Baccarat Hotel in New York is a dazzling gem in the city's luxury hotel crown, reflecting the grandeur and elegance akin to its iconic crystal brand heritage. From the moment you step into its opulent lobby adorned with crystal chandeliers, you're enveloped in an ambiance of sophistication and refined taste. Located just steps from Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, this hotel is a sanctuary of indulgence, with rooms and suites that offer an intimate escape, featuring bespoke furnishings and Baccarat crystals in every corner. The Baccarat Hotel is not just about its stunning aesthetics; it provides an unparalleled experience, from its world-class spa to the exquisite French-inspired culinary delights. It's a place where service is an art, ensuring every moment of your stay is impeccable. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Baccarat Hotel isn't just a stay; it's a New York statement.

The Bar at Baccarat Hotel - Bar Review | Condé Nast Traveler

The Ludlow Hotel

The Ludlow Hotel in New York City stands as a beacon of boutique charm amid the bustling streets of the Lower East Side. Exuding an edgy yet sophisticated vibe, this hotel captures the spirit of its eclectic neighborhood, offering guests an authentic slice of New York life. The rooms, with their large casement windows, offer sweeping views of the city skyline, while the carefully curated vintage decor and lush, artisanal fabrics invite a sense of cozy luxury. It's a place where the grit and the glamour harmoniously collide, offering a rooftop bar that presents a panoramic spectacle of the urban landscape below. Whether it's for a laid-back evening at their Dirty French bistro or a morning coffee amidst the hotel's brick and ivy-adorned garden, The Ludlow Hotel is a hip enclave that promises a stay filled with character and comfort right in the pulsing heart of Manhattan.


New York City's hotel scene is as varied and vibrant as the city itself, with each luxury establishment offering a unique gateway to the experiences and excitement of the Big Apple. From the opulent grandeur of The Baccarat Hotel to the trendy, downtown chic of The Ludlow Hotel, these accommodations are more than just places to rest — they are integral parts of the New York experience. Whether you're drawn to the historic charm of The Plaza, the quintessential Central Park views from The Ritz-Carlton, or the sweeping city vistas at the Four Seasons, each stay is designed to offer unparalleled luxury, comfort, and style. Hotels like the Hyatt Grand Central New York and The Langham on Fifth Avenue cater to guests looking to immerse themselves in the hustle and elegance of midtown Manhattan, while those venturing into the heart of Times Square or the financial district will find the Hilton New York Times Square and Mandarin Oriental as perfect bases to explore from. Each property encapsulates its own version of New York’s spirit, providing distinguished service, exquisite amenities, and an unforgettable stay that echoes the dynamism of one of the world's most iconic cities.


What city is best to stay in NYC?

For a first-time visit to NYC, staying in a hotel in Midtown is perfect. It's the heart of New York, with a number of hotels that offer great deals and are centrally located, making it easy to get around the city. I'd recommend this location because it keeps you close to many of New York's best attractions, with a variety of accommodations to choose from, making it a favorite for many visitors.

Why is the New Yorker Hotel so famous?

The New Yorker Hotel is famous for its rich history, distinctive Art Deco architecture, and its prime location in Midtown Manhattan, close to major attractions like Times Square and the Empire State Building. It's been a city landmark since it opened in 1930, playing host to numerous celebrities and notable events over the decades.

Which hotels do celebrities stay in New York?

Celebrities often opt for hotels that provide a blend of luxury, exclusivity, and privacy when they stay in New York. Some of the favorites include:

The Plaza Hotel - With its timeless elegance and opulent suites, it's a classic choice.

The Waldorf Astoria is known for its historic luxury and upscale services.

The Ritz-Carlton - Both the Central Park and Battery Park locations are favored for their views and service.

The Mercer Hotel - In SoHo, offers a boutique experience with a chance to blend into the city.

The Greenwich Hotel - Owned by Robert De Niro, it's in the trendy Tribeca neighborhood.

The Four Seasons - Known for impeccable service and luxury.

The St. Regis - Offers a storied history and signature butler service.

The Carlyle - A Rosewood Hotel that's been a celebrity haunt for decades.

Soho Grand Hotel - Known for its chic decor and vibrant social scene.

The Bowery Hotel - Provides a bohemian luxury experience.

These hotels are known for their discretion and often come with amenities like private entrances and penthouse suites, catering to the high standards and specific needs of their celebrity guests.

What is the safest city in NYC?

In New York City, "safest" can be subjective and varies over time based on current data. However, historically and based on general crime statistics, the following areas are considered some of the safer parts:

Battery Park City - A planned community near the financial district known for its family-friendly environment and public parks.

Tribeca - Another lower Manhattan neighborhood known for its affluence, trendy restaurants, and cobblestone streets.

Sutton Place - A small enclave by the East River in Midtown Manhattan, known for its quiet streets and being somewhat off the main tourist trail.

Upper East Side - Especially the area around Museum Mile, it's often regarded as a quieter residential area with a reputation for safety.

Carnegie Hill - A neighborhood within the Upper East Side, known for its historic architecture, proximity to Central Park, and strong community presence.

Keep in mind that safety can vary street by street, and it's always wise to stay vigilant, aware of your surroundings, and up to date with local news wherever you are in the city.

Which part of NYC is the cheapest to stay in?

The most affordable areas to stay in New York City often include:

Queens - Neighborhoods like Long Island City and Astoria offer cheaper hotel rates while still being a short subway ride from Manhattan.

Brooklyn - Areas such as Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Sunset Park have more budget-friendly options, with a local, artsy vibe.

The Bronx - It's further out from the typical tourist attractions but provides some of the most affordable accommodations.

Upper Manhattan - Neighborhoods like Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood can offer good value for money.

Staten Island - Although it's the most remote borough, the hotels here tend to be cheaper, and you can enjoy free ferry rides with views of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan.

Always check the proximity to subway lines or public transport when staying further out to ensure convenient access to the city's sights.